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We are pleased to present you a beautiful Interior Design Project in a privileged area of ​​the Costa del sol . We are going to decipher for you the successes and decoration tricks that have been used in this magnificent work.

The best ideas for your ideal dressing room

Organize a dressing room so that the result is what we expect, making the most of the space and also adapting to the different seasonal changes, the personal needs of each home or the style that defines us, is a task essential today to maintain proper order but also complicated and it is advised to help a guide or seek advice. Therefore, in this new entry in our blog for furniture and decoration lovers we will give you the basic tricks that will guide us.

The first thing will be to establish what kind of space we want to create. That is, we cannot follow the same criteria for a management area in a hall, as in a room dedicated exclusively to organizing clothes and accessories. we can´t work the same with a dressing room oriented to a youth bedroom or for a single person, than a couple or family dressing room. Obviously, a youth or individual dressing room will allow us to play a little more with the imagination and decorate it in a more entertaining and fun way than a more formal dressing room.

In an individual, young and informal dressing room we can play with creativity and bet on multipurpose spaces. It is interesting to use to place a study table that, according to personal criteria, we can use as a study, design or dressing area. We can not forget to place strategically also, mirrors that expand the field of vision both on walls and doors, if we have opted for a closed dressing room, which guarantees a feeling of cleanliness and permanent order. Light pickling or skating tones are a safe bet to create relaxed and practical environments.

Playing with the spaces and creating areas of use or storage where apparently there are none, is another advantage of studying a project well and designing an adapted area in the same room. We can choose to cover a wall of closets or we can create a wall with closets that allows us privacy and an independent area dedicated to the dressing room. Sometimes, it’s simpler than it seems, it’s just about finding solutions adapted to each space. Here we have achieved playing with mirrors, corner cabinets, and dressing area.

The most used option is to place cabinets in a room for this purpose, taking full advantage of the space and storage capacity. Here we will seek to capture the personal needs that we need to meet according to our preferences and tastes in interior design. Currently, we have such practical solutions as removable coat hangers, pants, hangers for handkerchiefs or ties and adaptable shoemakers. The important thing is to achieve the orderly and easily accessible effect, both visual and physical, that we seek to make it practical and functional.


But not all of us have such large spaces or perhaps, we prefer that the storage area be discreet and simple. Or, simply, we have a tighter budget, for this, nothing like a good wardrobe in light and soft tones, a good dressing mirror and light, a lot of light that is the fundamental element in any space.



FINANCING up to 48 months WITHOUT INTEREST (subject to approval).

Boho Chic style




Just because your home talks about you, your style, your tastes and shows your personality in every detail, we wanted to bring you for this double bedroom entry, the keys to hit the most sought style and asked by the fashion influencers: Boho Chic style. An iconic style and maximum trend that adapts to your lifestyle.


Primavera pink.

Our New Trends in Furniture and Decoration are here. The most romantic and happy spirits are mixed in this explosion of color that spring is, the complements that accompany us in the decoration of our home are also painted in spring tones.

Looking for the coolest sofa

We are looking for the most chic sofa, the most trendy, the coolest, but we all know that in reality, we look much more in a sofa. We need you to adapt to our style, our measurements, our more personal comfort sensations and, of course, our aesthetics as well as our pocket. Therefore, we bring you the latest developments in the sector that try to provide everything we ask the perfect sofa.

Industrial style

The Industrial Style originated  during the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain and quickly spread to Western Europe and to North America: it is not surprising, then, that London, New York and Paris are still the most influential cities in this architectural practice.

South charmings

This season the blue colour is trendy in all its shades. From the most vibrant turquoise colour, that remembers us to the colour of our Mediterranean Sea in the lightest days, passing through the soft colours like the worn out light blue from the sky or the dark blue of the deep oceans, until the precious aquamarine colour and the esmerald green one that offer us so much light to any kind of home decoration.

This tonalities, as we mix the different decoration accessories, they are ideal to every home, but they get more appreciation at the coast houses like ours, which live face to face with the sea.

Despite its marine look, if we use darker tonalities, or if we enrich the furniture, the carpets and the accessories that go with these pieces, we accomplish the warm and homly atmosphere for every season of the year.

Dare to get the blue and let yourself go by the South charmings.


Scandinavian airs

The nordic style is trendy. We love it because of its scandinavians lines give it simplicity and personality. It’s a style full of light because its base color is white, so it has exclusive details in bold colours to create that marvelous retro contrast.

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