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Just because your home talks about you, your style, your tastes and shows your personality in every detail, we wanted to bring you for this double bedroom entry, the keys to hit the most sought style and asked by the fashion influencers: Boho Chic style. An iconic style and maximum trend that adapts to your lifestyle.


Bedrooms are the area of ​​the house where the atmosphere should be more relaxed and soft; For this, we use natural materials such as wood, rattan and cotton in decoration. The walls are dressed in white or sienna tones, but we do not forget to recreate the authenticity of this style, betting on wooden floors or walls covered with painted brick. The beams, if any, are better in light or natural tones.


We can also give it a more romantic look by covering the walls with wallpaper, better if we look for it in soft and natural shades, using natural materials carpets or light colors and strategically placing baskets of raffia or wooden trays and we give it a British touch placing a porcelain teapot. We do not forget to mention that the base of this style is to work with white backgrounds and clear oaks to accentuate the country style.

The white color combined with the stone tones are, as we have seen, a safe bet. The framing or crossarms, provide a more sophisticated style but without detracting from the natural atmosphere. If we try to achieve a more classic and elegant style, without fear of the classicism that is defined, today, a timeless and timeless style, we can play with more visual rich materials such as velvet or glass, without losing sight of our folk .

More closely, we appreciate the details of finishes of this style of decoration. The staves, the crosspieces, the veins and the natural finish are fundamental to print this Boho Chic style that mixes the natural with the good taste and the own style.

The cabinets and dressing rooms maintain the essence and the line that defines a style that bets on the natural without drowning the spaces, providing light and lightness with crystals, curtains in light tones and woods dyed or lacquered in light tones. There is a wide range of cabinets, with hinged doors, sliding doors both smooth and staves, and details such as photography. To adapt to each space, it is essential to have the measurements and characteristics of each room.


In this photograph you can appreciate in more detail the natural and handmade finishes characteristic of this type of furniture and deoración. The Boho Chic style makes us fall in love with its folk, young and fresh appearance. In our stores in Estepona we can find other furniture and the ideal complements to recreate these style.
We wait for you. Happy week.

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