South charmings

This season the blue colour is trendy in all its shades. From the most vibrant turquoise colour, that remembers us to the colour of our Mediterranean Sea in the lightest days, passing through the soft colours like the worn out light blue from the sky or the dark blue of the deep oceans, until the precious aquamarine colour and the esmerald green one that offer us so much light to any kind of home decoration.

This tonalities, as we mix the different decoration accessories, they are ideal to every home, but they get more appreciation at the coast houses like ours, which live face to face with the sea.

Despite its marine look, if we use darker tonalities, or if we enrich the furniture, the carpets and the accessories that go with these pieces, we accomplish the warm and homly atmosphere for every season of the year.

Dare to get the blue and let yourself go by the South charmings.


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